Why the personal brand in the real estate sector

In the words of the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, the personal brand is what others say about you when you're not in front. That's right, that's how hard. It Is a concept that sounds innovative but actually goes back to our ancestors. As Yuval Noah Harari mentions in his well-known book sapiens, from animals to gods one of the characteristics that helped to survive and evolve at the cognitive level to the human race was the ability to attribute and associate concepts of personality to Other human beings thanks to language. That Is to say that the image we transmit to others with our words, acts and ideas prevails and becomes a reputation. And this, whether good or bad, we've always known that it can help us improve our situation ormake it worse. With this we see how the social nature of people leads us to Trust and personal mark.

What is the personal brand?

We could define the personal brand as what the company represents and/or the person in the mind of others. It stimulates feelings, images and sensations by acknowledginga. It serves to make people immediately see a person, a product or a service and know how to associate their knowledge about them. This "knowledge" can be the result of the experience of others.

Coherence and values

It Is particularly linked to the values that define a way of acting. A person is competent when he or she knows how to carry out the tasks of his work, or to overcome the challenges that are presented to him. It goes with continuous learning and is reflected in professionals who bet on being able and effective with their results. Who have certain skills and are still improving them. We say that someone is results-oriented when they achieve their goals with effort, planning and, in many cases, sacrifice. It Is the person who contributes value, sums, builds and grows his work and even the third. When a person has ethics in their projects, he is identified by the honesty with which he treats his business and the education that shows his companions, clients and collaborators in every detail of the process. A true leader knows how to gather these and other ideas into his identity. Therefore, you should know how to express them to help you on the road to your professional success and self-actualization. And that's where a good management of the personal brandcomes in.

Constant communication

Managing these personal concepts is what is known in English as personal branding. In short, it is to work the footprint that we leave in others through constant and coherent actions.

Why work the personal brand in the real estate sector?

It Is a way of attracting, maintaining and creating more business opportunities, based on perseverance and actions that denote the full potential of the value proposition that a professional in the sector holds. Would you add anything to its importance? Share Your experience! Would you like to be a personal shopper? Click here.