Why it is important to work with a Real Estate Agent

Whether we are buying or selling a property, it will always be safer to have the support of a professional in the sector to successfully carry out our business. The Real Estate Agent, known by the acronym API, is a professional with qualifications in the real estate market.

The intervention of an accredited professional in the real estate brokerage process provides sufficient guarantee so that the agreement of wills and the real estate contract are safe and transparent. We know that all real estate investment requires the supervision of an expert professional who can anticipate and avoid risks, fraud or breaches of rules and procedures.

In Spain, the professional activity of the Real Estate Agent is regulated by Royal Decree 1294/2007. As established, to possess the accreditation as an agent it is necessary to possess an Official University Degree, submit the application for membership and meet the established requirements.

What role does the Real Estate Agent play?

The Real Estate Property Agent is recognized by the Administration as a legally qualified and qualified professional. This statute supports and guarantees the proper development of its activity, providing security to the clients to whom it provides its services. In this sense, the agent not only puts its knowledge of the market at the service of users, it also establishes the legal framework from which it must carry out the operation.

Regarding the need to establish a mandatory accreditation for the professional practice of real estate agents, Marcello Dodi expressed: “As an entrepreneur in the sector and leader of Remax / Golden Mile we fight to make it mandatory to implement a professional accreditation that allows the professionalization of the sector".

In this sense, it is about establishing a mechanism that regulates the activity and generates confidence in the sector. “With the boom that the sector has had and the increase in sales prices, new real estate agents tend to emerge who, due to lack of experience and knowledge, can cause great inconvenience to clients. This has generated a negative image on the professional of the sector, who is considered by the final consumer as someone who commits fraud or fraud ”, says Dodi.

5 reasons to work with a Real Estate Agent

In this article we give you five (5) reasons why it is important to work with a real estate professional or Real Estate Agent.

They have a fiduciary responsibility

Whether he is a buyer or a seller, the Real Estate Agent has a fiduciary responsibility to his client. This means that the agent must always look out for the best interests. Professional real estate agents are legally obliged to comply with a strict code of ethics, which guarantees full security and confidence in the operations they carry out.

They handle the correct and necessary information

These days it can be difficult to find relevant information on the web about the houses that are available in a certain area, or even a single specific house. No matter how much information is available on the Internet, a professional real estate agent will always have access to the correct and necessary information.

As an expert buyer the agent can help the client find great deals before they are published on the Internet. As a seller, you will also be able to attract many more potential buyers than the customer could get on his own.

While the client can place for sale advertisements in newspapers or post their property online, a professional agent has the ability to do much more than that. You can broaden the scope of your property by contacting other industry professionals who have interested buyers.

They have different connections

Professional real estate agents are always networked with other agents, as well as other professionals in the field. These professionals are almost always aware of new homes for sale as soon as they go on the market. An industry professional will also be able to give your client the right guidance when it comes to finding a good lender, a home inspector, a contractor, etc.

They will help you set the right price

When you are selling a home, there are a limited number of options for setting the correct price. You can get some pertinent information about the property's value by making comparisons, but knowing the sale price of one or two houses in your neighborhood is not enough information to set the right price.

A real estate professional can have access to purchases and sales made in a certain area. These could be the properties that are comparable to each other according to a specific standard. Based on this information, the industry professional will help his client to price his home so that he can sell it quickly and for as much money as possible.

They are always kept up to date

Buying or selling a home is much more complicated than buying or selling any other product or service. The laws of the real estate sector vary greatly in each region, and can even change from year to year. It is the job of a professional to stay up-to-date on these changes and keep your clients informed. This will help prevent a person from making a mistake that causes a great loss of money.