They discover millionaire real estate scam in Tenerife

The National Police has dismantled in Tenerife a continuous scam of more than 800,000 euros carried out by a couple who acted as external agents of a recognized real estate company. The marriage requested money as signs or reservations and then seized the money of their victims.

The agents of the National Police began to receive similar complaints from people who stated that they had signed penitential deposit contracts for the purchase of houses, delivering large sums to a real estate company that were resolved with the loss of money and without options to acquire the house.

The modus operandi consisted of capturing data from the clients of the renowned real estate company, and through the agency itself, they carried out fictitious purchases of the properties. Potential buyers paid sums of up to 85,000 euros, in some cases, to reserve a home that they never managed to acquire.

The investigation triggered a police device, which after judicial authorization, culminated in the entry and search of a luxurious home valued at one million euros located in the area of ​​Puerto de la Cruz, where the marriage was arrested and made available. of the competent authority.

Source: El Dia