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The reservations of tourist homes in Spain rise

During the month of August, there was an increase of 89.2% in the occupancy level of tourist homes located on the Spanish coast. This represents a growth of 11.8 percentage points with respect to that registered during the month of August 2020, which registered a growth of 77.4%.

As reported by Rentalia, this is a higher increase than that achieved during 2019, which registered 88.5% growth. “The vacation rental sector has managed to get back on its feet after a difficult year, even exceeding the occupancy levels of the summer before the health crisis,” said Almudena Ucha, director of Rentalia. “The sector has managed to attract, another summer, the national traveler, and thanks to this many coastal destinations are compensating for the absence of foreign tourists,” he added.

What are the most requested coastal destinations?

The most requested coastal tourist destinations are Menorca, with an occupancy level of 97.8% (13.6 percentage points more than last year), followed by Mallorca (97% and +12.7 points), Alicante (94, 4% and +10.9 points), Almería (93.8% and +13 points) and Cádiz (92.7% and +9.5 points).

Malaga is also above the national average, with an occupancy rate of 92.2% (+19.8 points), Asturias (92.1% with a year-on-year drop of one point), Cantabria (91.5% and + 2.4 points), Tarragona (90.2% and +12.9 points), Girona (89.6% and +12.7 points) and Murcia (89.4% and +18.2 points).

Below the national average is Valencia with an occupancy rate of 88.5% (20.2 points more), followed by A Coruña, with 87.4% (+2 points), Pontevedra (86.8% and + 7.4 points), Castellón (84% and +24.7 points), Fuerteventura (83.8% and 4 points) and Barcelona (81.3% and +17.8 points).

Tourist homes in Tenerife

The destinations whose tourist properties have more availability for the last-minute traveler are led by Gran Canaria, with an occupancy rate of 52.8% (-7 points), followed by Tenerife, with 68.2% (+9.4 points). ), Huelva (68.6% and +11.7 points) and Lanzarote (73.7% and a drop of 10.9 points).

Within 89.2% of occupancy, houses, chalets and villas are the most requested, with a 93.1% increase in reservations, while flats and apartments have 86.3%. One of the most demanded characteristics of the property is the possession of a swimming pool.

90.9% of the tourist homes that count have already been reserved. According to the study issued by Rentalia, many travelers interested in inland tourism find that 86.7% of the holiday homes in all of Spain are reserved for the month of August. Get to know the best accommodation on the island of Tenerife.

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