The real estate sector facing the risk of legal uncertainty

The Spanish real estate sector continues to be an attractive area for investment. With solid foundations, the sector remains stable in the face of a possible crisis that could be generated by inflation or the rise in rates. However, different experts in the sector highlight a risk to take into account that can impact their behavior: legal insecurity.

"Spain continues to be a focus of attraction for international investors," says Antonio Sánchez Recio, partner in charge of PwC Real Estate, who highlights that, although there is caution due to uncertainties, investors consider real estate as a haven asset.

With a privileged situation within the European context

Among the factors that influence the arrival of liquidity in the Spanish market, Sánchez pointed out that it is a market where prices are more attractive and affordable compared to those of other European countries. On the other hand, the real estate manager points out that private indebtedness is not high and that generates a certain peace of mind; added to the fact that it is an area far from the armed conflict.

Faced with the uncertainties that may alter its behavior, the sector arrives stable and healthy. "If we look at liabilities, we have a historically healthy situation," says Juan Manuel Ortega Moreno, Director of Investments at Colonial, adding that the sector is much more prepared to withstand the temporary ups and downs that may come from the impact of interest rate hikes. The real estate sector today is in a rather privileged situation within the European context.

Source: El Economista