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The importance of collaboration for the development of the real estate market

The real estate sector in Tenerife has witnessed various changes in recent years. And one of the key issues that we must address to achieve true development in our market is, from our point of view, to work in collaboration with the different agencies that coexist in the sector today.

We have seen over the years that many promoters, agents and agencies have focused largely on self-interest without paying attention to the needs of clients.

Adapt strategies to achieve better results

We know that the real estate market can be divided into three sectors: buyers, sellers, and investors. So, in a market as dynamic as ours there will always be real estate properties and operations. Regardless of the predominant sector, we must adapt strategies to deal with the situation in the best way, seeking the common benefit.

At the present time, we have seen that the market is saturated with buyers, with very few properties for sale. This situation can cause problems, especially for smaller real estate agencies that do not have a sufficient portfolio of properties to promote and sell.

Make the real estate sector grow professionally

Faced with the current situation, we have noticed that for different reasons many agencies have simply decided to work seeking only individual benefit, something that from our point of view seems an unfair exercise in view of the service that must be offered.

At Golden Mile we have the strong conviction that the only way to make the real estate sector grow professionally is to provide a high quality service to the end customer, and in this sense we do not only look at the needs of our pocket.

Although we have been able to capture a large number of properties in recent years, despite the limited supply of properties on the market, we have decided to work in collaboration with other agencies, not only taking into account our own interests but also those of our clients. . It is clear at this point that properties that are snapped up quickly sell.

Provide the best service to the end customer

Throughout our experience we have come across real estate agents who do not want to work in collaboration; a situation that in our view seems wrong in view of all the work we have been doing over the last few years to professionalize the sector. With this selfish attitude we are taking a step back from what we have advanced.

At Golden Mile we are very clear about our values ​​and our professional ethics. Contrary to what many can do, we prefer to share fees, and perhaps earn less money, but believing that the best way to do things well is based on cooperative work. We always want to offer the best real estate service to customers.

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