The housing boom in the post-pandemic era

Since we entered this new post-pandemic era, approximately in February 2020, we have noticed an important change in the requests made by clients interested in changing or buying a property. For example, many of the people who were already living in a certain place have very soon decided to change their ways of living. This is because their needs have changed. And to what do we owe this change of perspective?

Having to live for a long time locked up in a certain home, and let's imagine that this property has a small terrace, has obviously led to a lot of rethinking of the form and space where they want to live. Let us even think that there are properties where there is not even a small terrace. Clearly, all these conditions have led people to reflect on their needs.

A change of form and way of living

At this time many people have wanted to make a change, they have wanted to buy, for example, a house with a terrace. Some have even ventured to acquire certain types of properties with very particular characteristics.

It is worth noting, for example, the boom in herrera properties, which have their own market, but which have currently shown notable growth. At Remax Golden Mile, we had the case of one of these properties, which included an orchard to be worked on. The funny thing is that in less than a week he received more than 50 requests for immediate purchase.

A property that is salable

These types of cases make us reflect on the considerations that professionals in the sector must take into account with regard to properties of this type. Let us remember that the fact that someone wants to sell a property does not mean that it is salable, that is, it does not mean that it is suitable for sale in the sense that it has all the documentation in order.

We have noticed the difficulty of putting this type of property up for sale before, since in most cases these spaces are converted into housing, when in reality they do not meet the legal requirements, be it legalization and prescription before the town hall to guarantee that are suitable for habitation.

The work of the real estate agent

For this reason, I not only point out the importance that professionals have at their disposal specialized professionals who know how to manage the proper documentation before the town halls or in the town hall, I also invite these professionals to be aware when selecting the properties they want and they can be sold.

Let's remember that our job as agents in the real estate sector is to offer salable products for sale and not create or cause problems for those who want to buy a home.