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No one can convince another to change

Each of us has the power to make the decision to open the door that allows us to make a real and lasting change in our lives. The key is that it can only be opened from within, and what happens? Most of the time we try to find the answers to our change outside of ourselves.

Whatever the current situation you are experiencing on a physical, mental or emotional level is conditioning you because you are identifying with what you are living. Obviously, the situation you are experiencing has been created by you. Consciously or unconsciously. Whether you like it or not, it is the result of the decisions you made and the ones you didn’t make as well.

Of your daily habits. From the people you surround yourself with. From your internal vocabulary. All these attitudes, skills and behaviors you learned at some point and have given rise to your way of Thinking, Feeling, acting and ultimately LIVING.

You can replace all those patterns of behavior with new patterns. More efficient and healthy habits. more trusting relationships. Make responsible decisions. Be aware of how you talk to yourself. The key for this personal change to occur is patience.

Personal development and self-knowledge to be a better version of ourselves sometimes implies experiencing unpleasant situations…. Just as the butterfly must experience a dark night of the soul to come out of its chrysalis flapping its wings in freedom, becoming in whom he has truly come to BE.

By Belén Díaz