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Know the importance of corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility or corporate social responsibility is understood as the active and voluntary participation and contribution of companies with the purpose of contributing to improve the social, economic and environmental environment.

In many cases, companies participate in collaboration with non-profit associations to give greater visibility and greater acceptance of the cause that these associations defend.

At Remax Golden Mile, we are aware that contributing and helping associations with this work greatly facilitates their work. We want our company name to become visible to everyone, achieving greater support and participation from both citizens and the companies themselves. That is why in our company we actively and continuously participate in the visibility and fundraising for these entities.

Active contribution to promote solidarity

Our company has been participating continuously with society for years to promote aid and make people aware that contributing in any way can improve the economic situation of many families. We want to help with the fight against diseases to promote their study, note the importance of respect for the environment, as well as the preservation of fauna, among other initiatives.

From our office we not only participate with associations but also contribute with any cause, an example of this is the natural catastrophe that is currently being experienced on our neighboring island, La Palma, where the eruption of the volcano has united people even more.

Help for those affected in Las Palmas

Faced with this event, the dissemination both by the media and by the campaigns promoted by many companies, including Remax Golden Mile, have led to the collection of supplies and economic support both nationally and internationally.

Placing great emphasis on the corporate social reason of the companies, where it is appreciated that these activities not only give great personal satisfaction for contributing to the cause but also a great response is obtained from all the people it reaches.

The most important thing is that companies continue to do this work for many years to come.

Beatriz Beltrán 

Human Resources