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Differences between traditional real estate vs. modern real estate

The road to selling a real estate property has always been quite difficult. A lot of attention is required to consider the different factors that affect the property sale process; from attracting the right buyers to preparing the property to look attractive enough to receive competitive offers. Over the years, the process of selling a home has undergone major changes.    

In fact, traditional sales methods were more focused on the seller and his ability to convince the customer of the quality and usefulness of a particular product. Most of the work rested on the shoulders of the salesperson, and most of the clients relied on the salesperson’s interpersonal skills, product knowledge, and ability to influence.

Empowered customers

Today, customers are more empowered. They have more control over how they access and process information, which puts them in a better position to make decisions. As a result, modern selling is more about engaging the customer in a way that presents solutions to the problems they face. When it comes to selling a home, this means presenting the property as the perfect solution to your needs.

Let’s explore traditional vs. modern ways of selling a home, and why a home seller should take advantage of the most effective modern techniques that work today.

Each home must adjust to the needs of the client

When a buyer shows interest in your home, they are primarily looking at how well it will meet their specific needs. Specific criteria may include how many bedrooms the house has, the size of the bathroom, the floor plan, the countertops, or even the distance to your favorite restaurant.

The seller understands the needs of the home buyer

Modern selling involves understanding what your customer wants and trying to meet their needs. If an agent identifies that the majority of buyers are looking for homes with modern appliances and open floor plans, it could benefit the home seller to upgrade the appliances or renovate the property before placing it on the market.

Use of technological resources to connect with customers

Modern selling is highly dependent on technology. In fact, multiple resources have emerged to help the contemporary home seller connect with buyers and improve the visibility of their property.

Websites, property search apps, email marketing, social media promotion, and even “for sale” signs with QR codes can help sellers make their homes easily discoverable when potential buyers come looking.