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I graduated as a building expert, knowing that my life would always revolve around real estate. As I grew older, my business skills were honed, and I realised that I preferred to sell properties rather than build and/or renovate them.

In 2010 I moved to Tenerife with my family to start investing in real estate. Over time I became an expert in acquiring properties through different channels, such as judicial auctions, banks or individuals; all with the aim of being able to restructure and resell them.

During that time, I started working in a real estate agency, which is now defunct. I soon realised that I preferred to buy and sell real estate myself, rather than build or renovate it, even if this choice meant reducing profits. My motivation was to be able to see people happy to be able to buy property

At that time, the two owners of the real estate agency where I was working decided to split up. I made the decision to join one of them, who had bought the rights to a very famous real estate franchise. My gratitude to this person is great, but I soon realised that, because of my ambition and desire to better myself on a day-to-day basis, I had to go my own way.

I felt ready to open my first real estate agency. When I started this new venture, I had to take on the role of both real estate agent and broker. I could see this as a key point for the growth of my business, I realised that supporting, training and growing real estate agents was even more rewarding than helping a client make a purchase.
I was able to see this as a key point for the growth of my business

In this new venture, I was pretty sure I would never make the mistake my former boss made. In my agency, agents could grow as far as they themselves could go in terms of their own expectations.

At that time I had to face an objective reality: the real estate market in Tenerife is a “jungle”, as service personnel say. There are few rules, verbal mandates, variable commissions, no proper training of professionals, etc. I am not a conformist person, I have never been able to stick to the phrase “it’s like that for everyone”… if something doesn’t work out well you have to find a way to change it. That’s my belief!

Then I realised that my big goal was to be able to help people become real estate professionals and professionalise the industry. I realised that in order to realise my real estate dream I needed to get a great partner on my side and, after countless research, I opted to buy the Re/Max franchise.

Over the past five years, our agency has continued to grow in every way. We have reached unimaginable goals. We have positioned ourselves among the agencies with the highest turnover in the whole island of Tenerife and beyond.

We have helped hundreds of people market their properties safely and with clear and professional procedures. One of our greatest achievements is being able to manage our clients’ properties exclusively, demonstrating to them that properties sell faster and at a higher pricethanks to the provision of quality service and personal attention.

And last but not least, we have trained and grown dozens of professionals as real estate agents, being able to count nowadays with the most productive agents in Tenerife.

Because of the way I am, I can guarantee that the Golden Mile project is constantly evolving, we want to improve on what has already been done. We are committed to finding, and if there are no inventories, the best solutions and strategies for our real estate agents, making sure they can offer their clients the best real estate experience there can be.
We are also committed to providing our clients with the best real estate experience possible.

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