Reforms you can do to your house with little money

Doing a reform in our house can mean a great investment of money for some. However, we do not need to spend a great deal to give our home a new look, with small details we can make it look completely new.

In this new note we present a series of tips to economically reform your home.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the house

If you are clear about the areas that you must reform and which are the ones that only need a little refreshment, surely you can easily get the right budget to cover all the needs of your space.

Remember to avoid doing complete works, on the contrary, try to use low-cost materials that facilitate remodeling, such as vinyl, PVC materials, etc. Paint can solve many problems when it comes to improving any room. Later we will tell you how to choose the best option for your room.

Start by renovating the front door

The front door of your house is the first letter of introduction. You can apply a coat of paint or install a new one. Either way it will make a great impression on your guests, and at the same time increase the resale value of the property. A custom or custom made model can reduce costs and also increase the life of the home.

Choose full length window shades

Full-length curtains are usually a few inches longer than regular curtains. These tend to create a more sumptuous and elegant atmosphere in living rooms and dining rooms. Remember to choose light colors or pastels to keep the room cool and bright.

Refresh old kitchen and bathroom tiles

The first thing to change in a kitchen to give it a new look are the countertops and tiles. You can opt for a sturdy countertop that doesn't require a lot of cleaning on granite or quartz. Mosaics on the dashboard are also a good option and give the illusion of a high-cost design. Remember that if you plan to renew the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom, it is likely that you will first need to make a complete budget according to the meters of surface that you are going to cover, including a surplus of material.

Get new furniture or give it a new style

Today, lightweight sofas can give environments a lot of elegance and sophistication. There are many bed-shaped sofas available at the best furniture stores for a good price. You can also choose to change the upholstery of your furniture using light-colored raw fabrics that you can combine with accessories in bright colors and different textures.

Focus on lighting and painting

Yes, changing the lighting is the best and most profitable thing you can do to give your home a new look. You can install different schemes and materials according to the needs of your space.

Led Strips

Led strips not only give your home a more sophisticated design, they will also offer you more efficient energy consumption. They will also give you a differential in the decoration if you need to illuminate areas or specific objects. They are ideal for use on shelves, while also focusing attention.

Tin and steel

With a certain industrial air, lamps made from these materials can be cold to the naked eye. However, combined with wooden furniture they can produce a balanced and warm style within an environment. In addition, they offer you a modern and minimalist space, if you are a lover of subtlety and visual lightness. In environments related to work or in the kitchen, they also work adequately.

Wicker, wood and cardboard

Noble materials always provide a natural air. In the case of cardboard, it is a very original alternative when using it in wall lights for lighting your room.

Wicker, for its part, has been setting a trend, like wood, since both have had a use linked to sustainability and the greater benefit of recycling. Surely you can find lamps with a more artisan style and in raw tones.

Vintage lamps

Until recently, the greatest daring in the design of light bulbs was to find them in different colors. Now, and with increasing frequency, you can find bulbs of many sizes and with the filaments that are inspired by charcoal lamps. These create rustic and intimate environments, transmitting the warmth proposed by fire.

You can also renovate your space by applying different paint schemes depending on your budget and the type of natural or artificial lighting that affects the room. It is not the same to paint a room in which a large amount of light enters than a darker one, and this largely depends on the orientation of the space.

- North-facing spaces: the sun will shine in the summer early in the morning and late in the afternoon, while in winter the lighting will be very weak. To counteract the lack of light, the ideal is to choose warm colors such as yellows, creams and ocher that will give you luminosity and give the room a very cozy feeling. Avoid cold colors such as grays, greens, blues, or purples.

- South-facing spaces: this is the most privileged orientation since they receive a lot of light practically all day in spring, autumn and winter, and during the central and hottest hours in summer. In this type of space you can choose the tones you want, both warm and cold.

- East-facing spaces: natural light will enter from early in the morning until noon. It is advisable to use light shades, whether cold or warm, so that in the afternoon the room is not too gloomy.

- West facing spaces: unlike in the east, natural light will enter from noon to sunset. As the evening light is warmer, you can opt for cool colors.