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Real estate scam in Tenerife: Recommendations to avoid scams

The Team of the island of Fuerteventura, in the framework of the ‘Nanur’ investigation, identified a person residing in the province of Madrid, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of fraud. According to the investigation, said person defrauded a resident of Fuerteventura by asking for a transfer of 2,100 euros for the rental of a home that does not exist in Tenerife.

The investigation of said real estate scam in Tenerife, began after the Civil Guard received the victim’s complaint in the facilities of the Puerto del Rosario Post (Fuerteventura), in which he stated that to reserve and rent a home on the island of Tenerife He had to send 2,100 euros, by bank transfer, to the alleged landlord of the property.

However, the person later stated that he had become aware of the scam when he verified that the house did not exist. The scam was perpetuated by advertising on a web page widely used by users with a house supposedly located on the island of Tenerife.

In order to identify the alleged perpetrator of the scam in Tenerife, the Cybercrime agents collected all the data on the events that occurred, verifying that the alleged scammer had used the website as a tool to attract the victim, publishing a false rental advertisement with a housing that did not correspond to reality.

Recommendations to avoid real estate scams

Given these facts, the Civil Guard advises that when looking for rentals, it is first verified that the property exists on the market and that the landlord has access to it, requesting a prior appointment on the spot. It is also advisable to request information from a neighbor to avoid deception.

Likewise, it is necessary to be careful with deceptive advertisements and with those that ask for speed in sending a signal or deposit, since the objective of the rush is none other than to prevent possible victims from agreeing to send the money without verifying the property. . On the other hand, it is also advisable to be wary of landlords who send all the documentation electronically and avoid identifying themselves in person.

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