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Real estate market in Tenerife: they rent a sofa for 250 euros

Mercado inmobiliario

The shortage of new homes in the Canary Islands is causing an upward rise in prices that people cannot afford to cover a basic need for survival such as being under a roof and living in a dignified way.

This situation is causing new cases that exceed science fiction. The last one is an advertisement for the rental of a sofa in a house in La Caleta, Adeje, Tenerife. It is not even about renting a room, but about a sofa in the community space of a house.

“We rented our sofa to amortize the rental price. The house is located in La Caleta facing the sea. Electricity, water and Wi-Fi included. The tenants are a boy and a girl who are hardly ever at home. Extreme cleaning is required”, post the ad.

“We are mainly looking for a WOMAN always for a cleanliness factor,” he adds. A citizen of Italian nationality published the announcement where he indicated that the entry would be immediate from August 6. This message has not gone unnoticed. From the Association of Real Estate Experts of the Canary Islands (APEI) they have denounced this type of advertisement.

“Do I rent a sofa to share with other people? We are going to a time when anything goes,” denounces Isidro Martín, spokesman for APEI. “We are talking about people who are trying to take advantage of the situation to get revenue that they will never declare,” he adds. “This cannot be allowed, this should be penalized. You cannot make this type of advertisement on this type of portal. I have been stunned,” he adds.

Interestingly, this announcement comes the day after the approval of the rental bonds for the emancipation of young people and with worrying poverty data on the islands. In the Canary Islands, not a single social dwelling has been built for almost twenty years.

Source: El Día