Professional service guarantee

To be the real estate agent or agency of our seller clients is to commit ourselves to selling their properties quickly and in the best possible conditions. And for their satisfaction, they rely on a service guarantee, which is the quality commitment between the owner and the real estate agent. How to do it? Take some notes, today we will give you tips to achieve the happiness of your customers! When we as agents have a property for sale and start working it, the process requires our professional effort and dedication. It is not just about managing emails, calls and visits of those who are interested in it. Or make a couple of flyers, upload the property to the portals and put a "for sale" poster. All the actions that we will carry out require to invest time and/or moneyin their promotion, and for the better use of those resources, for they to be efficient and effective. It is important to do a marketing planaccording to the conclusions of our market analysis applied to property.

The real estate marketing plan and the service guarantee

Themarketing planapplied to a home for sale will be the document that brings together theplanning of our objectives and goals in the short, medium and long term. As we see, it is important that they are well defined in time. It is related to the service guarantee because many of the actions of the plan are agreed upon at the service guarantee. The guarantee is a formal commitment and many of its actions are based on the property's marketing plan. When we want to promote our product (the property) we will take into account reflections of its marketing mix or market analysis. As a first step, answer the following questions:
  • Where is the property located? What is the market price and why? Many real estate agents becomespecialists in the areas they are working, as this helps them to advise better their clients. They know the services of the place, its benefits,opportunities of the present and future, profiles of those who live there, new and lifelong businesses, their movement ... They also know which houses have been soldand which are for sale now, as well as those that have been for sale for too long. And thanks to this, and to a good market analysis that identifies which is the best selling price, you can settle the arguments you need for the effective sale of the property.
  • What are its benefits? The characteristics of the property are important, but what will really connect with your potential buyers will be their benefits, whether they identify them themselves or that the real estate agent can tell them. In any case, it is best to actively listen to our potential customers and recognize if the benefits of the property click with their requirements. This is deeply linked to the possible needs of the ideal buyer and their emotions and lifestyle. The purchase of a property is an important moment, often associated with meeting a goal, a dream, with the feeling of going further in life, or having a stronger link with a place that you love and inspire you for good(in case of the second residence) or with possible investment opportunities.
  • Who are your ideal clients? Age, purchasing power, preferences, sex ... Foreign investors with an interest in habitual dwellings or rental profitability, Canarian investors with an interest in habitual dwellings or second homes, neighbors who know the possibilities of the area ... As we discussed earlier, there are many types of properties as well as people in the world. They are different. It is not the same what a single person wants, a couple, or a couple with a child want, or what a large family want, as everything changes depending on whether we talk about a luxury property. We think about the structure or what lifestyle would be perfect forthe property.
  • And then, considering this, how will we promote it? At this point, we have many possibilities to deal with the property, from those mentioned above to the contracting of social, traditional or digital media. It is recommended to make a 360º marketing plan, very complete, with several actions of different types that complement each other and create the best purchase opportunities. Everything previously analyzed is applied here too! We will give some examples of what is usually applied...

Examples of marketing actions for the property

  • Professional photo report and video: A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when we want to show the virtues of the house or apartment for sale. A professional photographic service, with home stagingincluded, can provide professionalism and quality to the publicationsthat are made. If possible, the fact that you have videowill favor your positioningand the dynamism of your online advertising. Something that also helps is the property plan.
  • Inclusion of properties in high quality real estate magazines. For example, in RE/MAX Golden Mile we have an exclusive magazine designed to be printed and also disseminated in digital media and through the website.
  • Letter of the house, to the residents of the complex.
  • Exhibition of the house in the showcase (for example, in RE / MAX Golden Mile we have a stand in the busy Siam Mall Shopping Center and its shop window, as well as the office located at Golden Mile street, a very visited area of the island).
  • To place thehigh quality "For Sale" poster: for those who pass through the town.
  • Communicate to all real estate collaborators (by different means such as email marketing, calls ...). At RE / MAX, many of our operations include real estate collaborators who work with a code of ethics similar to ours. It's the advantage of shared exclusives! The real estate agent selling the home is responsible for representing, analyzing, promoting, filtering and managing the process, and if a real estate partner has a buyer who falls in love with the property, we collaborate in the sale!
  • Calls to possible interested clientsof the Database: the referrals or contacts of clients are the soul of the real estate success. Updating and following up on this BBDD is vital.
  • Mailbox with printed material(brochures)
  • Publication in national and international portals, promotions in social networks, website, introduction in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  • Digital marketing actions are increasingly recommended, mainly because online channels have a lot of traffic today. Landing page, virtual tours, geolocation ... See some examples of the actions that can be donein this blog article.
  • Open house: open days allow the property to be known by many people at the same time. It is recommended to apply Home Staging techniques so that whoever visits it can imagine what it would be like to live there.

Service guarantee

The service guarantee is the commitment between the real estate consultant and his client. The interests are clear: the consultant wants to provide the best possible service. Give all the assistance that your experience and knowledge of the sector allows. On the other hand, the owner usually wants to sell with good conditions and in a short time. Then, the service guarantee is acontract that reflects the guidelines agreed by both parties in reference to the sales services of the professional. This guarantee contract is made during a stipulated time. In this way, the selling client can base hissatisfaction criteria on it and decide if he wants to continue working with the agency or the agent.

What is the objective and advantage of this contract?

As the sales and customer service expert Katherine Barchetti said with her famous phrase: it's about making a customer, not a sale. The quality of a truly professional service can be demonstrated with this work philosophy. When it is aimed at improving the relationship with the customer, every detail counts, as mentioned in the article of ClickBalance Service Guarantee for your business,"requires the company to focus on the customer" and we always work for clients satisfaction! We know that a happy customer brings many more. That is why in RE / MAX Golden Mile we have this system. We want long-termrelationships with our clients, so we take care of all the actions they require for their satisfaction. Do you want more information? We will be happy to talk with you! Contact usnow and we will very kindly advise you.