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Professional growth project for Golden Mile agents and professionals

After several years of experience in training professionals, at Golden Mile we have decided to undertake a business growth project aimed at our agents and professionals in the real estate sector.

We have created an innovative project, without a current benchmark in the Spanish real estate sector, and which is aimed at each agent developing their own abilities with complete freedom. The limit of growth and development is chosen by each agent. It is a project done and thought inspired by professional autonomy and meritocracy.

Reach the professional level you always wanted

Logically, with this project we are talking about two fundamental aspects for the professional growth of any agent. The first aspect has to do with the level of professional fees, you will be able to have an income that is very difficult to find in the real estate sector in Tenerife. The second aspect has to do with the professional support we give our agents.

At Golden Mile we believe, and we prefer, to give all the support and backing to our new agents. We provide you with all the tools and instruments so that you can become a great professional, and at the same time, we offer you a growth incentive based on the billing achieved. The higher the billing, the higher the consigned fee will be.

The more you want, the more you can grow

Through this project you will also be able to choose if you want to continue being an individual agent, having individual goals, or if you want to form your own work team. It all depends on how ambitious you are. If you want to have your own team, you can do it without any problem within the Golden Mile structure.

Now, if your ambition is even greater, we give you the opportunity to create a Golden Mile subsidiary, that is, your own office where you can be the general manager and manage your own team according to your strategy. We give you the opportunity to start your business with all our knowledge and experience so that your agency is profitable from day one.

If you want to give a new impetus to your career, we invite you to participate in the free training session. Make your reservation now here.

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