Personal shopper: how-to

A personal shopper is an agent trained to help his clients when they are buying a home. It is responsible for providing their needs of the sector. As they say in the Idealista blog, "is responsible for finding the property that interests you, negotiate the purchase price and close the best option for your client." Why is it required, what can it offer? We know that the purchase of a home is one of the most important things in the life of any person. It is a figure, therefore, very determinant if you want to avoid some headaches and make the process as quiet as a Sunday walk.

Real estate agent profiles

The real estate agent is in charge of advising their potential clients, commercializing the real estate of their portfolio in different channels, providing personalized attention, studying the market, being an expert in a specific area of the territory, negotiating... And many more actions! All those that make better the purchase process for those who require their services. However, for a few years, specifically 2010 in Spain, roles have been separated sometimes. That is, there are double managers, and they do both parts of the business, but there are also real estate agents specialized in customers who want to sell their house, and personal shoppers, who are responsible for representing the buyer.

How do you find a personal shopper?

Personal shoppers have to market the properties he has in their portfolio, making a marketing plan for each one.... There are many ways to get contacts! But above all a personal shopper should take care of 4 things:

1.- Your customer database: something that defines the success of an agent is its good reputation, or the happy customers it has managed to maintain over time. Good references are vital to maintain a continuous work flow, and that is also encouraged with an optimal follow-up to the client.

2.- Expert from the area: especially when a client needs information about the place. Being an expert on the locations helps the client make better purchasing decisions. 3.- Marketing online: where is the target audience? The online channels represent opportunities to get more contacts and branding.

4.- Open House: They have proven their effectiveness in America, and more recently in Spain!

Qualification of a client

The agents need to know if the contacts are good customers or if they could be in the future. It is also important to know their needs and reasons. Their tastes, hobbies, routine, purchase reasons...

How to speak to the client at the time of qualification?

The agent should show kindness and sympathy, confidence and professionalism (which is knowing how to do things right). It is a way to differentiate also by good customer service, or what we call a service guarantee.

What questions can I ask if I am a personal shopper and I want to identify a good client?

Important, if you are an agent and do not want to waste your time! Look at this little test and put it into practice to recognize the signals in time.

    • How high is my client's motivation to buy?
    • Is it realistic with current market prices?
    • How many agents is my client talking about?
    • What is the client's availability to look for a property?


Although there are many types of buyers, as mentioned in this article (purchase of the first home, second home or investment), the objections are usually the same. Objections are the questions or doubts that customers have about a property.      State of conservation of the property.      Price.      Location.      Distribution.      Antiquity.      Proximity to the spaces used on a day-to-day basis. These objections should be seen as opportunities. Many times the first perception of a thing is not 100% correct. When faced with an objection, you can use the AAA tool (agree, ask and answer). When you listen the doubt, nod and ask more to know the buyer's point of view. If you could provide another perspective, it will bring more value to the client, although the decision is always his and the advisor is there simply to guide him in the process. Therefore, it is vital to know client’s main purchase motivation.