Multiple exclusivity: what advantages does it have?

What is the meaning of "multiple exclusivity"?

The multiple exclusivity reflects the agreement by which an owner entrusts the sale of his home to a real estate agency. After having all the data, the agent will broadcast the property with other real estate companies that would offer it at the same price, sharing their fees with them if necessary, as mentioned by the Idealista blog. The document establishes a set time for this assignment. Its main advantage is that it reduces the time in which a property is for sale, thanks to the collaboration between the associated real estate. Together with the price, this last factor plays an important role in the process.

Multiple exclusivity or how to sell your house faster

The exclusivity of the real estate market is a concept that has changed over the years. Now things have change, the way in which it works has evolved. Previously, it was common to be managed only by a trusted agency or seller. They promoted the homes exclusively for their own clients or database buyers. In this way they had more short-term benefits, but they were not providing the best service to their clients. The traditional method is not as effective as the collaboration between real estate, defined with the multiple exclusivity. It was born in response to the need to sell a property quickly and at the best possible price.

We want long-term relationships with our customers

Prioritizing customer satisfaction is essential. Therefore, it is emphasized that the properties that are in exclusivity must be shared with the real estate collaborators of the sector who work in a professional manner, with a code of ethics and responsibility towards the documentation, the way of managing the processes and clients... That is to say, we keep the word exclusivity, but it joins the concept of collaboration. This is better for selling the property.

What is the difference between this and the "open" system?

First, we work with MLS, Multiple Listing Service, which as its website says, is a seal of quality and union of real estate professionals. It focuses on improving the customer experience by offering a good service. This MLS is a database with more than 300 real estate agencies in the area that work only in shared exclusive, with which the property would be seen and managed by all this network of collaborators who have established or accepted a common code of ethics to please the satisfaction of their customers. And secondly, the agent in charge invests his own resources, time and money, in the proper promotion of the property, from professional photographic reports, to marketing campaigns in different media, print and digital, to reach the target audience more easily. You can see more examples of this in our article on the professional real estate service guarantee. In other words, this is not the same service as the "open" one. This is also mentioned in the blog of NovaMallorca when it emphasizes that multiple exclusivity is more advisable, not only because of the MLS and its great visibility, but also because of the effort and investment made by the real estate agent or the agency. Compared to an open property, which is simply advertised on portals and would not get the same investment.

What does the real estate agent do?

Among other things, he becomes an expert in the market in which he is working or going to work. Does comparative analysis of the area. Make a marketing plan adapted to this. The agent also advises and acts as a filter before its client owner. Manage all calls, contacts, offers and negotiations received by the house. The objective of the service is that the client saves this time and avoids possible headaches thanks to the exclusive exercise of a professional that represents the sale.

The objective is the same as our clients: selling the property in the best possible conditions

We are facing a modality completely adapted to the needs of the client owner. The agent that captures the exclusive one, shares it with collaborators related to his way of doing things as well as with potential clients of his database. Contrary to what one might think, the exclusivity increase the possibilities of selling the property. This article of Inmoblog, portrays what can be interpreted as exclusivity when you have not heard what it is, and agrees that, once explained, is the best wayto selling a property . [embedyt][/embedyt]