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My name is Daniela Giovannini, Italian, born in Trieste, I am a very positive and hard-working person, my friends call me the ALL-TERRAINER, because if I want something I start to do it and until I get it I don't stop. This job as a real estate agent is a personal challenge, but as I have always liked this sector I took advantage of the opportunity that RE/MAX Golden Mile gave me. What identifies me as a professional is the personalised treatment I give to my clients, I always keep a smile on my face and I try not to give up at the first refusal, I am persevering. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, now I know, and that is to find you a home. Values: -Commitment -Honesty -Professionalism Courses: 2018 Marketing and Closing 2018 Exclusive Recruitment Awards: 2019 Certified Agent 2018 Executive Club

Captación en Exclusiva2018
Comercialización y Cierre2018
Formación RE/MAX Golden Mile2017
Club Ejecutivo2020
Certified Agent2019
Club Ejecutivo2019
Club Ejecutivo2018

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