How the rental price limit impacts the real estate sector

The Rental Negotiating Agency (ANA) expressed its dissatisfaction with the recent limitation on the rental price increase of 2% imposed by the Government for the coming months. In his statement, he stated that this measure seriously affects the development of the current real estate market.

The general director of the Agency, José Ramón Zurdo, criticized that this measure "freezes" the rental market and makes owners lose up to six percentage points in their profitability. He also considered that the measure turns all of Spain into a stressed area, affecting private landlords, who represent 93% of rent in Spain.

"Private landlords are the main affected by the intervention and freezing of their rents, compared to the large holders and investment funds, which no matter how much is said, they only represent 7% of the real estate market," Zurdo explained.

A measure implemented outside the Regulations of the CCAA

The announcement of the extension has been rejected by the Rent Negotiating Agency, and it points out that it is a structural measure that will end up affecting all the leases in the country. Likewise, Zurdo has denounced that the successive extensions that are expected to take place in the coming months, the Government is skipping the housing regulations of the different Autonomous Communities.

Faced with this scenario, "the owners have gone from resignation to concern, and are already considering raising the rental price in the face of the immediate freezing of their rents," Zurdo explained.

Source: Europapress