Home Staging: 4 home selling tips

Home staging is accelerating sales

It's said Home staging, or how to sell your house much faster and with the best possible conditions. We point it out as synonyms, because doing it can determine the success of selling your property, reflected in the price being market-adjusted and speeding up the process. It is proven that a home worked with this methodology receives many more effective visits than those who don't. It is defined as the art of knowing how to highlight the strengths of the house to give a more attractive look to buyers. It is about showing the potential of housing, regardless of the tastes of each prospective buyer, but in the needs that can satisfy them. It can be applied to any type of housing. This is why it is not about decorating the place too much, as it has to be as neutral and at the same time pleasant for most of its visitors. Want to know 4 keys to start applying it? Keep reading!

Why homestaging?

According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals the house sells from 65 to 85 faster. The sale of second-hand homes drives the reforms in them before they are put up for sale. This is something we have recommended in past articles,because it increases the value of the property up to 20. This is related to the technique. It is also reflected in revistaad.es's Article on Home Staging, which emphasizes that make it stand out the property so much, that its benefits are evident. Another reason is the fact that it avoids as much as possible price reduction questions from buyers, as noted in the Article of Inmogesco.

Home staging vs. Decoration

No, it's not the same! The decoration is the arrangement of elements whose aesthetic depends on the particular tastes of each user. Home Staging, as mentioned in Idealista's article,seeks to depersonalize the house so that it transmits well-being to the 90 people who visit it.

1.- The Flat or house for sale must be clean (and smell good)

Keep in mind that most prospective buyers will look for a property to enter to live more than to reform. If a deep cleaning is also applied to its spaces and we favor a pleasant aroma, will be associated with positive moments. Andmost likely most of it will please everyone who steps on it.

2.- Depersonalize the place

We used to say it with the difference between the decoration and the Home Staging. This technique helps us understand the importance of make it desirable for a large number of people. The goal is to create spaces that give the feeling of spaciousness, luminosity, that look fresh and communicate well-being. As mentioned in the article.It is that in the first three minutes of the visit your buyer knows how to value what is on offer. Let's get "hooked" at first glance.

3.- Order first and foremost

Beyond that thedistribution of the property looks better in a tidy environment, we talk about the emotional aspect of order. Positive emotions are more likely to develop if you don't see the home-chaos. In this respect, we could not agree more with Marie Kondo in her book The magic of order. Tools to tidy up your home... and your life! and his theory of orderly spaces and their relationship to happiness.

4.- Well-arranged stays

As mentioned in the Housel portal,home staging also watches over the good condition of the rooms. Then, it is recommended that you fix the most obvious damages of the bathroom, the kitchen, the rooms, the living room... Also to use fresh, basic colors on the walls, and above all, having natural lighting at home, or one kind of light that would offer that impression. Listen to this videotip from our broker Marcello Dodi and discover the importance of home staging and what it consists of. Have you discovered the goodness of Home Staging? Tell us in a comment! If you are interested in selling your house quickly and with the best conditions, contact us and we will help you to do so. [embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipj0WdNZO6c[/embedyt]