Home sales: 7 best agent practices

Sale of homes and their best practices

Home Sale: How to recognize good practices? Unlike other places in the world, the exercise of real estate activity remains unregulated in Spain. That means that not too much is required to open a real estate agency. However, there are several indicators that can give away good or bad practices from a Real Estate Agent and therefore how much we would benefit from his advice. At RE/MAX Golden Mile we have been taking care of it since the birth of our brand. As our broker Marcello Dodi describes it in his first video tutorial,here we will offer some more guidelines to easily identify whether that manager knocking on your door to help you sell or buy your home is indeed a good agent.

1.- Main: a code of ethics in the sale of homes

One of the reasons you'll want to work with a good agent is the security and trust it can offer. For example, all RE/MAX members (directors, franchisees, agents) are guided by a strong code of ethics aimed at fostering highly professional conduct. We are updated on what affects the sector (laws, changes...), we are committed to receive continuous and specialized training to improve the service, to eliminate any practice that can discredit our professional dedication, etc.

2.- Market analysis and marketing plan

That agent who wants to sell your property, has he done a market analysis to set the price of the house? Have you been told about a marketing plan, a sales strategy? This would optimize the process and time spent selling the home. A good agent knows and reports the price of the property in the market, checks that everything is fine for marketing and also plays as a mediator when it comes to trading. sale of market-based analysis homes

3.- New technologies

The use of new technologies is vital. From having the right presence in the most popular browsers (it's hard to imagine an agency without a website), to social media profiles, where buyers or sellers or even agents to collaborate are located. The use of national and international real estate portals, which represent a good source of interested contacts and the positioning that is held in them is relevant to make itself known today. sale of marketing homes

4.- Local Marketing

However, it is important that the agent also dominates the locations that work at the face-to-face level. Prospecting remains key to making itself known in a particular neighborhood. One of the main factors is to achieve differentiation in the market, which positions the name and image of the advisor with his professional performance. Of course, this is not easy due to competition, so it requires work and effort. And on many occasions, in addition to the productivity shown on-line, it continues to add to its ability to work face-to-face with the people you can help. This influences your level of good public relations, engaging with the communities in which you work and being an expert in the area in which you are offering your services. sale of locality homes

5.- Have you been to see your property?

A good Real Estate Agent will want to see with his own eyes what he's going to sell. This will help you offer housing to the right people and better identify your benefits and characteristics for home sales.

6.- Careful in the documentation

The real estate consultant who wants to help you commercialize your home or who offers you a home for your acquisition, must have in your possession the simple updated note of the property to know its status. Want to know more about its importance? We have written an article on real estate documentation, click here.

7.- Home staging

To sell a property in the best condition, you have to shine the furniture, clean the place, offer a universal perspective of its benefits and work on your proposal to make it appealing to 99 potential buyers. I mean, the house would have to be in its best condition too. Home Staging begins before the face-to-face visit. For example, by offering a professional photo report, the home could be depersonalized and accommodated to show its full potential and not what its former owners made of it. Not because the latter was wrong, but to make sure the photos please most tastes. We also have an article on this! Read more here. home sale Here are some factors that we consider key in the professional exercise of a Real Estate Agent And you, would you add any? Tell us about your experience in a review!