Holiday Rental in Tenerife: Opinion

Holiday Rental: Freedom and responsibility

In this video, the REMAX Broker Golden Mile, Marcello Dodi is directed to buyers and sellers of properties in the Canary Islands to give their opinion on the holiday rental and how it should be their application, especially in the islands. Their premise lies in the foundations of free trade. This is reflected in the moment in which it expresses its support for the freedom of decision and the power of enjoyment that hypothetically should have those homeowners, however, without forgetting the rights of their neighbors or people in the same community. It points out that what could support this free exercise on its property would be the fulfilment of a clear and well stipulated regulation so that it does not harm other people in the case of holiday rental in Tenerife. Guarantee of Good coexistence It should be mentioned that the theme of holiday rental has been the subject of continuous debate in the past few months. It Is there that the dream of equality and good coexistence of the Broker is expressed, who advocates for reaching a solution.

Coexistence regulations and agreements

Should the landlord not be able to make the house what is best for him if he has his farm number, documentation...? However, it is emphasized that the holiday rental activity is duly declared in the Government of the Canary Islands as a holiday Home and some requirements are fulfilled to ensure good service and better coexistence. How do you think the Broker should be regulated? They would have to propose some factors, as if they were hotels, in the aspect of the fulfillment of certain rules, the payment of the rate of stay, to make a quarterly statement if one is a physical person, to communicate to the Police or the Civil Guard all the guests who They're going to go into the house, etc. In this way, the owners can have their home as a vacation, with all their rights but above all, many obligations.

The Neighborhood Boards

Another important factor to regulate is the neighborhood where the Flatis located. If the board has completely decided that this activity cannot be done in a given complex, it will have to be respected. Likewise, in the event that the holiday rental activity is not prohibited but this limitation is desired, the board of neighbors must agree on a 100 unanimous agreement. And If you want to reach an agreement with the other owners of the board, you could propose improvements with the most controversial issues, for example the fact that a specific timetable is obeyed from which it would not be permissible to make any noise.

Good AD quality

Another detail when it comes to offering real estate to the tourist public is that the advertisements should be drafted appropriately. For example, a very common situation is that the Flat in question actually has one bedroom but that it was converted to two, without being legally recognized. In that case, you have a one-bedroom flat , and so you should see it in the ad. Beyond the modifications that have been made. Also, that the house is advertised correctly. With photos showing all their facilities and conditions. That in case of inspections by relevant authorities. So you can prove your legitimacy.

Holiday rental Information in the Canary Islands

As noted in the portal of The Canarian Holiday Rental Association (ASCAN) The data have been "very forceful" despite the environment of legal uncertainty that has been experienced in previous years. The Association points out that the economic impact of VV in the Canary Islands has been 54 billion Euros in two years (in 42 million of trips). The 34 of the expenses that are made in these trips are in shops close to the Vacation Homes in which they are staying. And the previous year there was a higher acceptance (47) of this modality of tourist accommodation compared to 2017 (35). As for the possible problems with the neighbors, in the portal of ASCAN it is said that around the 98 of the guests maintained a very respectful behavior in the complexes or neighboring communities in which they stayed. Would you be interested to know what kind of properties are demanded? The best in these cases is that our agents specialized in this sector will advise you. Do not hesitate to contact us and they will show you a series of options that fit what you need. Would you like to buy a property and don't know which one to decide? Read this article.