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Exclusive sale vs. open sale

There are two possibilities when we want to sell a property. We can trust a professional to make the sale or we can try to do it on our own. Even as an individual, you can promote your property by contracting the services of different agencies or real estate companies.

Now, why do people keep using the second method? We believe that the reason is that with this method the owners can have control over the sale. Undoubtedly, the person who sells a property will want to know about everything that happens with his property, so he will consider that by making a direct sale he will be able to control the entire buying-selling process.

This may be a misguided view of how the sale of a given property should be managed. In reality, many people tend to waste money and time doing this type of sale. On the contrary, our recommendation is to leave this task to professionals in the sector who have the necessary tools to efficiently manage the process of buying and selling a property.

Why look for a professional to sell a property?

A professional in the real estate sector is committed to managing the sale efficiently, getting the most out of it while investing the least amount of time. To manage the sale correctly, you will invest in advertising to promote the property on the market, and you will dedicate the time necessary to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

The problem would then be to choose the right professional. How can we do it? To know this, you have to be very clear about some points about what a professional in the sector should do and how it is defined as such. It is very important to take both points into account to avoid bad situations when making the sale.

From Remax Golden Mile we can assure you that it is not a problem or a malfunction of the system. Logically, an inadequate person working on a correct system makes the work inefficient.

Why look for a professional to sell my property?

The professional you decide to choose to manage your sale must present an adequate market analysis. You should also present a marketing plan, as well as a plan of what you will do in each process of the sale. You must report on each visit you make to the property, submitting a report on what is happening with the property. In said report, it must be specified how many people are viewing the property, how many contacts have been received, what are the comments of the clients, etc.

By managing the sale in this way, you can have real control over the sale of the property, not the other way. Each owner must make the choice that best suits their needs. However, our recommendation is that you can choose the option that gives you the best results. If you want to put your property up for sale, contact us and we will manage your request with the best professionals.

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