Empathy and trust in competitive environments

Is it possible to survive in a competitive environment and at the same time develop the empathy and confidence to collaborate with others?

In the business environment we deal with competition as an organization but what we are not aware of is that our organization is made up of people who are competing every day. My question is: Who are we competing against as professionals? Against others or against ourselves?

I want to make you reflect because perhaps your competitor is not out of you. Your competition is you. Your fears, Your insecurities, Your Ego, Your feeling of not being enough. Your procrastination, Your inaction. In short, the excuses you tell yourself for not doing what you should.

Sometimes we take as references other professionals who are having better results than us, who are selling more, having greater visibility, generating more contacts, etc. What I have to ask myself is: What are they doing that I'm not doing?

Analyze it and take action. If they are referents, observe with an honest, humble look and give yourself permission to learn and from there be able to learn from those who set the pace. Your true competition is you, so compare yourself to yourself. Who were you a year ago? How much you grew? How much have you learned? and then learn and grow.

By: Belen Diaz