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Could Spain become the Florida of Europe?

In 2021, REMAX offices invoiced €47,094,921, which meant a 46% increase in revenue compared to the 32.2 million reached in 2020. This is an increase of 28% compared to the figure recorded for 2019 (36.9M). The number of transactions was 16,7874, compared to 11,753 in 2020 (43.6% higher), a third of them rentals and the rest sales.

Of course the numbers in the individual offices of our franchise are very diverse. Several offices (even previously consolidated) multiplied their turnover by three, four and even more. According to these data released by Javier Sierra, president of Remax Spain, 2021 has been an exceptionally good year for most of the sector.

The best destination for residential tourism

The forecast for 2022 is to continue growing, an increase of 20% in our income has been foreseen in the offices as a whole. In general, we have enough experience to know that it is not really possible to predict the future. A pandemic, a war or any adversity can always come your way.

Despite any difficulty, at Remax we continue to believe that in the near future Spain will become “European Florida”. Our great strength and the potential we have as a country will allow us to be the best destination in the world for “residential tourism”.

In the near future for the real estate sector in Spain

Thousands of people from other European countries will buy residences in Spain in the coming years. The pandemic has increased and accelerated this process, many people have decided to change their way of life in search of well-being, given the possibilities offered by remote work.

The US states whose economy has grown the most in the last 50 years are Nevada, Florida and Arizona, states with sunshine and good weather. They grew much more than the industrial states of the north, even more than New York or California. We believe that in the case of Europe, Spain will be the destination that many will choose to invest in property, and this fact will open up the best possible outlook for our real estate industry.

Source: Franquicia Remax

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