Buying luxury homes: some tips

Buying luxury homes: some tips

Buying luxury homes could be a lifetime experience. But it also represents a great investment, so it is worth thinking several times what decision to make. Despite the fact that in any property purchase you have to be aware of many things, as the ones said in this article, when we talk about luxury homes there are some factors that are better to take into account.

Tips for buying luxury homes

Luxury homes are places of dream and magic, full of light and comfort. They are full of extras that add quality of life to their owners. There can be so many details that fulfill this function! From its architecture, facilities, space, to everything that can surround the place that offers more recreational options (for example, there are luxury developments with sports fields, VIP restaurants, gardens and golf courses ...). In any case, you would have more chance to find the home perfect for you when there is an specialized person in the process who could advise you well. You can read these advantages in our article about the role of the real estate shopper, clicking here.

1.-Think about what type of investment you are looking for or require

What type of investment do you want to make? You may need to buy a luxury home in order to obtain profitability for it. Perhaps, with a good percentage of return for its exploitation. This could allow the enjoyment of its facilities from time to time, plus a cash inflow. On the contrary, you may rather want to have a total availability of housing, but recover the investment after a few years. Then we would look for an area that will be revalued over time either by its location, materials or type of construction.

2.- Do you want it to be new or second handed?

It all depends on the time you have estimated to enter to live in it, or if you would like the construction materials to be of the latest trend, etc. New construction homes offer advantages such as those mentioned in this article, although second-hand ones can also be very interesting, especially when you want to move into them soon, or you like a specific location.

3.- The location always counts

We have mentioned it a lot in our social networks. The location of any type of housing is decisive to define its value. In addition, each area has different virtues to offer its possible owners.

4.- Calm and patience

If you want to get the house of your dreams, it may not be the first one you see, or you may have to consider several to be sure that it is. These kind of decisions are usually taken with enough time to ponder which is the best option. And if you can count on a real estate professional that fulfills the function of guide and advisor, even better. Read this article to discover the best practices of a real estate agent.

Do you want to see some examples of luxury real estate?

We show you why we believe that each one has a special essence. Like people, they have their own unique characteristics, but they seek the same thing: to inspire tranquility and well-being in their owners.

Exclusive apartment in El Duque

buying luxury homes - baobab suites Spectacular one bedroom home in the beautiful 5-star hotel of El Duque: Baobab Suites. With a modern, minimalist and high standard style, Baobab is the best place for your vacation and also an unique opportunity to generate income from a second residence in Tenerife. See its details by clicking here

Newly built villa near the sea

buying luxury homes - newly built in costa adeje A newly built villa near the sea, like this one, is the right choice for those who want luminosity, luxury and tranquility a few meters from the beach. It comprises a select group of contemporary villas, characterized by their impressive brilliance. All this plus the privilege of being in the residential area Rokabella, in Costa Adeje in south Tenerife. Very close to Guía de Isora this residential represents a unique enclave for those who want to brand new the home of their dreams. Want to know more? Click here.

Villa in Resort Abama

buying luxury homes - abama Modern villa in Resort Abama overlooking the neighboring island of la Gomera With a unique design, framed in the charm of the ocean, spacious interiors, luxury facilities, 24-hour security and access to the services of the place. Located in the renowned Resort Abama, in Guía de Isora,south of the island of Tenerife. The ultimate in luxury and elegance. If you want to know more, click here

Resort Abama turnkey villa

buying luxury homes - turnkey Talking about buying luxury homes, we immediately think of this spectacular turnkey villa of the Abama Resort. If your dream is to buy a luxury detached house in Tenerife, this is your best option. Ready to move into, it has panoramic ocean views as well as the best quality of construction and all the amenities offered by the Resort, more spacious interior spaces, shared gardens, and 24-hour security. Located in the South of Tenerife, specifically in the municipality of Guía de Isora,where you can enjoy the excellent climate that the island offers us all year round. It overlooks the Abama Golf Courses and the Atlantic Ocean. Do you want to see more? Click here.   Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more, contact us now!