5 home selling mistakes you should avoid

5 home selling mistakes you should avoid

If you've made the decision to sell your property, you're in the right place. In this article you will find a list of 5 home selling mistakes that you definitely have to avoid if you want quickly results with the best market conditions. As real estate experts in Tenerife market, we like to be transparent, share our experience and advise the client who needs it. We know it's not an easy process, so we give you this extra tip: it's best to count on with the guidance of a Real Estate Agent who follows good practices and has a strong code of ethics. When it comes to such important decisions, rely only on professionals who commit themselves to providing you their service guarantee. Read on and discover the 5 avoidances:

1.- Overpricing the property

Users are not willing to see properties that are out of price. Our statistics confirm this, when a property is within the market price it receives contacts, captures the interest of potential customers and sells much faster and in better conditions than when they are not. If you don't have technical knowledge of the current real estate market, ask for help! It's best to be well advised from the start. Request a market analysis from professionals with local experience.

2.-Not having papers in order

Things are doubly good when done effectively and efficiently. For this reason we always recommend that, before putting the property up for sale, it is advisable to have all your documentation ready to be able to market it. For example, the simple information note is up-to-date (reflecting the status of the property, the square meters recorded, and the loads and levies that affect the farm), as well as other files that we mentioned in this article. Having everything in order would make the sale process easier, especially if an express offer is received and customers will need it to be made in the shortest possible time. Read on the documentation on this link.

3.- Not willing to negotiate

In our experience, the buyer customer always tries to negotiate. Although it is not the same to have a margin of 5 or 6% (which is normal) to increase the price too much or ask for cheap at twice the price.

4.- That the house is too personalized and very decorated

When we want the prospective buyer to be projected on the property we take a couple of actions to make this more easily. For example, we seek to make it clean, that the colors of its walls are neutral and the order of its elements makes them feel good. Home Staging or interior design is executed with the intention of attracting 99% of people with a minimalist, simple decoration and that pleases most of its visitors. That means that as long as we can avoid familiar boxes, raucous colors or too defined styles, the results will be better. A property is proven to sell 80 faster if these assumptions are followed. Want to read more about it? See this article.

5.- Take non-professional photos

A good property listing can make all the difference. Its purpose is to claim the user's attention in such a way that they want to visit the property. Certainly, the description helps to imagine the place, and it is important that it be well drafted. But we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. The fact that the dimensions of the place, the light that the house receives and its visual details in professional photos are appreciated, speeds up the process by receiving more contacts than those who do not. Keep reading our sales tips in this article. Do you have doubts, questions, do you want us to help you sell your property? We are the best agency to meet all your real estate requirements in Tenerife! Contact us now!