4 Luxurious leisure experiences in Tenerife

Some luxurious leisure experiences in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the best places in Europe to relax and discover different flavors, colours and landscapes. Today we want to share with you 4 luxurious leisure experiences in Tenerife, the amazing canary island that stands out because of its diversity, weather and charm.  

Tenerife & luxurious leisure

1.- The Ritz Carlton Abama

 It is imposible to speak about luxury in Tenerife and not to mention Abama Resort. Their website introduce themselves as “The jewel of Tenerife, and one of Europe's best-kept secrets”. We love its magnificent concept of simplicity as a luxury lifestyle. It is an exclusive 400-acre vacation and residential destination offering Michelin-star dining and world-class service to those who prefer tranquillity over fanfare. And with the majority of its terrain dedicated to their luxury properties, this is an ideal place to live or visit. The undisturbed beach, sumptuous spa and year-round springtime climate provide a welcome retreat just a few travel hours from most major European cities.

We are Autorized Brokers of Abama Luxury Properties

The Golden Mile team is proud of be part of this special promotion. We are autorized brokers so we could provide any guide or information you need in case of thinking about buying a luxury property in this exclusive enviroment. This special places are near to the Teide slope, which offers great sea views to the Atlantic Ocean, or to the lush green of the golf courses in Abama (the best in Spain) and magical landscapes. Each one of this luxury properties has been designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and modern construction. For more information check this link to Luxurious villa at Abama Luxury Resort or contact us for more information. Read this article if you want some advises about buying luxurious houses.

1.- The gastronomic experience under the stars

Located at Ritz Carlton Abama, M.B is the restaurant of the famous chef Martín Berasategui in Tenerife.  His inspired interpretations of Spanish cuisine have made him a reference in Spain and in the rest of the world. Here they also offer an spectacular dinner with stars where you could live a magical experience admiring the sky of Tenerife from the beach of Abama. Enjoy  the essence of the two-star Michelin restaurant, M.B, while enjoying a personalized picnic, which includes a bottle of Canarian sparkling wine.

2.- Whale watching on a luxurious sailboat

Did you think that only in South Africa would you see whales? In the Mola Mola experience you can go after them and enjoy the ride in a luxurious sailboat. You will enjoy wonderful maritime landscapes in Tenerife and live this unforgettable experience!

3.- Personal shopper and Plaza del Duque Shopping Center

Enjoy the essence of luxury in Tenerife and visit the Plaza del Duque Shopping Center. To make your experience more comfortable and effective, hire a personal shopper.

4.-  The couple getaway: Go to the top of Teide and have dinner later in a very romantic place

The exclusive Royal Garden hotel in Costa Adeje offers a commitment to classic beauty and discreet luxury. More than twenty individual villas decorated with handmade furniture and antiques from different parts of the world, with a beautiful spa and a restaurant that claims to be the most romantic on the island: El Jardín. There is an experience offered by Volcano, which would look for you at the Royal Garden hotel to guide you to the top of the volcano, that is, 3,718 meters above sea level. The format is really comfortable: it will be a guide, driver, who will take you to the top of the highest mountain in Spain. Then you could have dinner in El Jardín restaurant , or enjoy an unforgettable couple spa session.